Weight declarations (Requests with excess weight)

The weight declaration, especially when making a transport with “excess weight” is something very delicate and equally important. In rectification of what previously indicated by some institutions / sources, the weight declaration can be signed by the costumer (as declined by MIT in point 3.2 of circular No. 3756 of 27 July 2015).
However, the same circular in point 3.2 states that:
“The licensing entity, in accordance with current legislation in the field of administrative procedures, may require confirmation about the type, mass and size of the thing of the transport object, directly to the same owner, if not coincident with the costumer.
To this end, the applicant for authorization must indicate the owner’s name, his telephone number and his email address.”
Therefore the request form has been updated, making it mandatory to indicate the references of the load owner and is already available in the “forms” section of TEonLine ASPI:
Starting from April 23rd 2018, it will not be possible to accept requests for authorization without these data.
If the signer of the weight declaration does not coincide with the owner of the goods, or if it is presented, alternatively, customs or transport documentation, pursuant to point 9 of the ministerial circular n. 4214 / RU of 10 September 2014, confirmation of the weight by the owner of the goods is requested using the correct and appropriate format.
If the carrier has a similar declaration made by the owner to his signature, if supplied at the front office, it will be considered valid for authorization purposes.
The above must however be assessed on the basis of the company that manages the motorway object to transport. Do you need advice and support to carry out a transport with excess weight?
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