International Shipping

Over 30 years of experience

We offer the most cost-effective ways even to reach distant destinations and, taking the needs of our customers into account, we arrange road, rail, sea and air freight services.

International road transport:
We handle international transport throughout the EU, Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries, Turkey, North Africa and elsewhere. Direct services without trans-shipment or indirect services with trans-shipment depending on the needs of customers.

International sea freight:
We offer the most appropriate and cost-effective sea freight services for our customers - from a simple crate on cargo ships to exceptional loads in break bulk.

International rail shipping:
Rail is a delivery method that may well be the best approach to transporting certain products and destinations such as Russia and other CIS countries.

Our transport service exploits on whole series of well-established strengths:

A large fleet of trucks.

The technical ability to handle goods up to the highest weight and dimension levels.

A fast quoting service means we are able to provide fast and reliable estimates.

Feasibility studies to analyse the transport features of loads in difficult to reach areas.

Urgency service: ensuring that permits are obtained as quickly as possible.

Professionally trained and experienced staff find the best transport solutions for exceptional loads, even under the most difficult conditions.

Our operations set-up constantly monitors the progress of shipments by keeping loading/unloading points fully informed and coordinated.