Limitations for the circulation of heavy vehicles – Risks and Sanctions

Like every year, even for 2017, there is an Italian ministerial decree which indicates the prohibitions of movement outside inhabited centers for vehicles that: have a total mass of over 7.5 tons of freight, exceptional or which have exceptional loads; for these the limitations and prohibitions are even stricter.
What are the days when the ban was imposed?
Download, free of charge, the calendar of the “Traffic Bans for Vehicles Over 7,5tones” to be up-to-date and avoid the risks and heavy penalties for failing to comply with the ban.
What are the risks and penalties for non-compliance with the ban?
In the event of a violation of the heavy vehicle block, the italy law imposes pecuniary and/or ancillary penalties, risking the suspension of the license and/or the suspension of the circulation card.
What if you had to carry out this kind of transportation on the days when bans are present?
The Prefect may, at the request of the parties concerned, authorize, by way of derogation from the provisions in force and for the needs established, the movement of such vehicles on the dates of the prohibition. Relying on these cases to industry leaders, it may facilitate the execution of an otherwise complicated, if not impossible, transportation and the guarantee of no dangerous sanctions.
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